Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What a week!!

We had a very hectic week. Christine's little girl, Kayleigh, had been sick a week or two ago. Then Friday, Christine thought she saw pink in the diaper, but decided it was probably the light. Later that day, she saw it again and we cut the diaper open and it was definatly pink. We called the doctor who said she could see Kayleigh first thing in the morning, but if it got worse to take her to the ER. We agreed to take her in the morning. Christine and I went to work, leaving Eric with both kids. Kayleigh got fussier as the night went on and then she wouldn't go to sleep. Eric decided to bring her in. Christine took off from work and met him there. I was able to take a break and go get Rowan for a visit to my floor, to give them a break. It turned out she had a bad kidney infection, and they sent her home with instructions to follow up on Monday. At this time, we're waiting for the results of some tests. Hopefully it was just a scare. Kayleigh of course is being her usual fun loving self and learning to climb on things. Much to her mother's dismay :)

On the other hand Rowan is learning to be mobile. We can no longer expect him to be where we put him when we put him down. He also spins around on his tummy and we call him the lazy susan. He's learning to eat solid food. He's up to carrots now. He likes to blow a raspberry just as I give him a spoonful and spray me with carrots. That's a lot of fun!! He loves to watch Eric. He was fascinated by Eric vacuuming. I'm not sure if he can't wait to help or make a mess that requires the use of the vacuum. He thinks Daddy is one funny guy! He loves to laugh with Daddy.

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