Thursday, March 29, 2007

A cook out and sick kids

This happened because Rowan was playing on the piano and Kayleigh, of course can't let him have anything without taking it from him. So she sat on his lap to play the piano. He didn't seem to mind much and they were like that for about 5 minutes before Kayleigh got bored! I can't believe how cute they are together sometimes.

In other news, Saturday we went to a neighbor's house for a pit roasted pig cook-out. When we arrived, somehow the fire had gone out in the pit and the pig was raw still. So we had hot dogs and hamburgers instead. The kids both enjoyed the outing. The next day we went back over for lunch and the pig was done this time. It was very good. We're talking about having more pit roasts in the future.
Monday night, Kayleigh was very sick. She got sick in her crib no less than 5 times that night. Christine was just about worn out with staying up with her. So Tuesday, Christine left Kayleigh home while she did some errands. When she came home she didn't feel good and didn't eat dinner. She was sick three or four times before bed time. She felt better on Wednesday. Then Wednesday night, we were keeping Rowan entertained before bed and he got sick all over and had to have his outfit changed. He got sick three times, I think, in about an hour. I put him to bed and checked on him several times, but he only spit up a little bit during the night, and it didn't even wake him up. The long and short of it is, who's going to get sick next? Me or Eric. I have all weekend off, so this might be the best time for me to get sick, I guess. So far so good, no one else is sick.
Oh and on Monday, Eric and I went out and bought another goat. This one is a little older and will be ready to start practicing packing soon. He's a little overweight, so we're trying to condition him. He's very nice. He's a LaMancha goat. The breed sounds spanish, but was really developed here in the states. His name is Gordon. Eric is teaching the younger goats to follow on leashes, and they are doing very well. They are still very funny playing around, but very boisterous. You have to watch your head as Eric found out. He got a chin butt by accident. Mostly they are very good with our kids. They try to untie shoelaces and chew on hair, but Kayleigh thinks they are hysterical

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