Tuesday, March 13, 2007

standard week around the farm

Ok, so they didn't find anything wrong with Kayleigh. That's the wonderful news. Of course, now we have no idea why she had blood in her urine. But she's acting fine and is normal in all ways now. Go figure.

We've been busy this week. Eric has had his hands full taking care of and training the goats. They finally have names. The one with white ears is Buzz, the one with black ears is Deke and the brown one is Gus. They are all named after astronauts. They are so much fun. Kayleigh thinks they are hysterical and Rowan isn't sure what to make of them. They nibble on his fingers some. :) I think they're funny when they jump all around and on everything. The chickens have been busy laying eggs, but since they're free range it's our own little easter egg hunt every day!! I think our nieghbors are getting some eggs as well. :) Eric has also been reinforcing the goat's fence to keep them in and loose dogs out. So far so good.

Rowan has been full of life lately. He's learning to crawl now. His arms are pretty strong and he hasn't figured out his legs yet, so he tends to go backwards. He gets pretty frustrated that he's further away from the toy then when he started. And he still is a lazy susan!

I'm about ready to wean him totally to formula. I keep getting frustrated when he doesn't eat well, then I think "that's it! I'll just quit now." but then I don't want the last time I feed him to be when he fought me. So then I wait for a nice easy feeding. But then I think "see, he does fine, why should I quit?" Ha Ha. I think the joke is on Mommy, now. But I finally decided that I would quit when he's 7 months old. That's just a week and a half away, yikes! But I'm sure it'll be easier all around.

Well, the monkey is awake now so I'll talk again soon

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