Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting ready to go home

I'm here in Tucson again (still). I've been trying to work a lot. The problem is that all the "snow bunnies" that visit the southwest in the winter went home to enjoy their summer homes. For some reason that means there are less sick people admitted to the hospital. So now is not the best time to try to pick up extra shifts. I do get some, but it's sporadic, not like in the winter months, when everyone was working extra. Anyway, I'm learning a lot and enjoying Tucson (the indoor activities at least).
Next week is (are?) Eric and Rowan's birthdays. I am taking a week off from work and flying home! I'm so excited. Also, my parents will be up as well. Again, very excited! They haven't seen Rowan in about a year and haven't visited our home since Rowan was born. We're looking forward to showing them all the changes we've made to the property (I say "we" as if I did much, it was all Eric :) The State Fair will be that weekend, too. I remember going to the State Fair when I was pregnant with Rowan. It was soooooo hot, nearly 100 degrees. And, I didn't know it then, but Rowan was only 4 days away from making his entrance. But, I was determined to go. I really love fairs. I was miserable, but I went to the fair. Hahaha
I have lots of pictures to put up, but don't have the software to edit the pictures before I post them. I will reinstall the software when I'm home next week and then post lots of pics and videos!
Going home in 5 days!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

on vacation

I've been home two and a half weeks now. Rowan and I have been outside a bit, not too much, though. It's getting hot here. (luckly, not as hot as in Tucson). Rowan likes to play with Eric's little one man tent, and likes "getting all the bugs out."

The three of us went to see about a possible new dog to add to our family. She's very nice and calm. She's a three year old chocolate lab. She came home and is pretty good with Cari and Brynn, and fantastic with Rowan. The only one she's not sure about is our cat, Stan. She thinks he would make a good snack. So we're working on training, since she hasn't had much more than "sit". She's learning her obedience pretty quickly and is starting to warm up to the house. Her name is Tawny.

Rowan is pretty funny most of the time. He keeps wanting me to take pictures of him. "Take another one, Mommy"

Here he is in a video showing how a T-rex walks :)

We are having a great time and I should be home another week, maybe even a week and a half!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, so I get home for a wonderful three weeks off and decide that I need to get my teeth looked at. We have good dental insurance right now and I think that one of my old fillings is cracked. So, I go in and sure enough the filling is cracked. The bad news is that there is a huge cavity under that filling and another tooth also has a huge cavity. I'm told that they might need root canals. UGH! I make an appointment for the first huge filling, the cracked one. He drills that one out and says it's possible it could be ok as just a filling (about 30% chance it'll be ok) and starts on the second huge one. That one has dead nerve exposed when he's done drilling and definitely needs a root canal, but he doesn't have time to do it that day. So, he puts a temporary filling in and I make an appointment for the next week. I'm told that if the first filling is going to fail, I'll know by the excruciating tooth ache that I will get when it goes bad. Wonderful. They give me an emergency number to call in case I need prescription pain meds. Double wonderful.
Well, over the weekend, I'm sore but Ibuprofen takes care of the pain. I show up for my appointment today and we decide to give the first filling more time. In the mean time, I get the first root canal done. Not as painful as I have been lead to believe, there was only one point that I jumped out of the chair. Now, I have another appointment for next week for another filling or root canal, whichever comes first. Yuck! Just exactly how I want to spend my vacation home.
On the Rowan front, he has been "wrapping" presents for me. He takes a drawing of his and wraps it around a toy and gives it to me. "Here is a present for you, Mommy" Isn't he cute :) He also tries to scare his own hiccups away. It's pretty funny. Here's a video of it.

Anyway, that's my first two weeks of my vacation so far.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching up

Well, I guess I need to get everyone caught up on what’s been going on with me and the family.
I am still living in Tucson, Arizona. I was supposed to finish out my contract in June, but when I started looking for a future assignment, the offerings were slim to none. Eric and I thought about it long and hard and decided that the job I have now is allowing me to learn a lot and I’m also able to work a lot of overtime. I talked with the manager and she agreed to offer me an extension to my assignment. So, now I am here for another 13 weeks. My contract will now come to an end on October 10th. So now I will have first hand experience with extreme temperatures in the southwestern USA. Oh boy, I’m getting ready! Haha! Right now, I’m home for three weeks. The last contract ended on June 20th and then next one starts on July 13th, so I get to be home for that whole time! I’m having a great time. Rowan is growing so fast! He helps around the house so much. He likes to help fold clothes, sweep the floor and feed the dogs. He goes outside and plays in his play yard with his sandbox and feeds the goats hay through the fence.
Back in February, I went home for a week. I managed to time it for Valentine’s Day. Eric and Rowan managed to keep me entertained while I was home. Rowan is so big and talking so much. It’s amazing how well he understands some things. He’s gonna be a sharp one, I can tell you. While I was home, he told me the funniest thing. It still cracks me up. I was getting him ready for bed and was going to put his socks on. He said “No want socks!” I said “You don’t want to wear socks?” “No, want to go to bed with my toes”. Hysterical!
I then didn’t get to go home again until May. While I was home, we rode the train with Rowan. It was a wild west train robbery event. They gave out play money for us to have “robbed” from us. At one point they got off the train and had a gun fight as well. Rowan enjoyed the train and the drama, but when you ask what happened on the train, he says “They took my money!” That was the most important thing that he remembered about the ride.
Eric has been trying to get Rowan to talk on the phone, but all he says is “Hi Mommy” and “I done” and then hands the phone back to Eric. We tried the internet with the web cam and all he wants to do is sit in Daddy’s lap and draw. So he’s not quite ready for long distance communications. In the mean time, I’ve got my webcam set up, so if anyone wants to talk via Yahoo, let me know and I’ll add your name to my Yahoo. That would be cool to chat with more people around the world, or at least the country. Haha!
Eric had his hands full in March. We had seven nanny goats pregnant. It’s our first year raising Boer Goats. I think 5 of them delivered 9 babies in about one week. 3 of the babies were rejected by their moms, so Eric is bottle feeding them. They are so full of energy and climb on anything they can. Rowan loves the baby goats and you can see some pictures of him with them on the March tab of his website. The last two nannies delivered recently and we now have a total of 12 baby goats! We decided to have a theme of names and list them alphabetically. I asked for offers of themes from my friends and family on Facebook. I want to thank all of those who offered suggestions. We could use some of those ideas in coming years. We ended up with fruit names. Easy enough, except for “I”, we decided to leave I out since it could look like a 1. (see what I mean?). The names are Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Date, Eggplant, Fig, Grape, Huckleberry, Jujee, Kiwi, Lime and Mango. There are pictures on my Facebook page of all the goats. They are growing fast and the bottle babies are sooooo friendly that they nearly knock you off your feet.
Well, I’ll try to update more often, but as time goes on, it gets harder to remember everything that needs to be posted about.