Sunday, July 5, 2009

on vacation

I've been home two and a half weeks now. Rowan and I have been outside a bit, not too much, though. It's getting hot here. (luckly, not as hot as in Tucson). Rowan likes to play with Eric's little one man tent, and likes "getting all the bugs out."

The three of us went to see about a possible new dog to add to our family. She's very nice and calm. She's a three year old chocolate lab. She came home and is pretty good with Cari and Brynn, and fantastic with Rowan. The only one she's not sure about is our cat, Stan. She thinks he would make a good snack. So we're working on training, since she hasn't had much more than "sit". She's learning her obedience pretty quickly and is starting to warm up to the house. Her name is Tawny.

Rowan is pretty funny most of the time. He keeps wanting me to take pictures of him. "Take another one, Mommy"

Here he is in a video showing how a T-rex walks :)

We are having a great time and I should be home another week, maybe even a week and a half!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, so I get home for a wonderful three weeks off and decide that I need to get my teeth looked at. We have good dental insurance right now and I think that one of my old fillings is cracked. So, I go in and sure enough the filling is cracked. The bad news is that there is a huge cavity under that filling and another tooth also has a huge cavity. I'm told that they might need root canals. UGH! I make an appointment for the first huge filling, the cracked one. He drills that one out and says it's possible it could be ok as just a filling (about 30% chance it'll be ok) and starts on the second huge one. That one has dead nerve exposed when he's done drilling and definitely needs a root canal, but he doesn't have time to do it that day. So, he puts a temporary filling in and I make an appointment for the next week. I'm told that if the first filling is going to fail, I'll know by the excruciating tooth ache that I will get when it goes bad. Wonderful. They give me an emergency number to call in case I need prescription pain meds. Double wonderful.
Well, over the weekend, I'm sore but Ibuprofen takes care of the pain. I show up for my appointment today and we decide to give the first filling more time. In the mean time, I get the first root canal done. Not as painful as I have been lead to believe, there was only one point that I jumped out of the chair. Now, I have another appointment for next week for another filling or root canal, whichever comes first. Yuck! Just exactly how I want to spend my vacation home.
On the Rowan front, he has been "wrapping" presents for me. He takes a drawing of his and wraps it around a toy and gives it to me. "Here is a present for you, Mommy" Isn't he cute :) He also tries to scare his own hiccups away. It's pretty funny. Here's a video of it.

Anyway, that's my first two weeks of my vacation so far.