Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The busy season

The christmas rush is upon me. I have been working a lot at the hospital. I try to pick up a few shifts, but when they need me, I'm tired, and when I can work, they don't need me. Seems crazy. Mom and I have been busy at the house baking and setting up decorations. We have the outside ones up, and will move to the inside ones shortly. Mostly, I'm just trying to stay busy to not miss my guys. They are doing really well.
Rowan has transitioned to one nap a day. I'm not sure if that's easier or harder :) Eric is teaching him all kinds of animal sounds. He now knows owl (whoo whoo), snake (sssssss), goat (hahaha), and wolf (ooow ooow). I think it's really cute and funny. Eric says whenever he sees an animal in a book or when he's out, he makes their sound. I guess lots of animals look like horses to him, he neighs a lot :)
Eric is very busy trying to keep the cats away from Rowan. I hear he likes to throw things at the cats and pull on their tails. Hopefully that won't continue for very long.
I don't have any pictures right now, Eric hasn't had time to send me any. Oh, but the other news is that Rowan is finally getting another tooth. So all that crankiness and fussiness has been for a reason. Whew! I thought we might have to return him for another model if that didn't stop soon! Just kidding!
Love to everyone and Merry Christmas!!

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shauls said...

"throwing things at the cats and pulling on their tales".... good luck stopping that... we've been months finally getting nath to stop that with our dog....