Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whew, the holidays

Well, I've finished with 1st christmas. That one was here at my parent's in Texas. I had to work xmas day, so I got up an hour early and everyone got up with me. We opened presents pretty quickly and then I ran off to work. I'm pretty sure that everyone else got to take a nap while I worked on my feet for 12 hours. :) It was worth it though.
Eric and Rowan had 1st christmas too. They opened a few presents and went to dinner at one of our neighbor's house. Rowan of course took all the attention over there. He enjoys being in big groups of people.
On the other hand, Eric dug up some potatoes that he grew this year. This is the picture of one that he found. I'm reasonably sure that our soil is not contaminated with any radioactive waste. It should be just a normal over grown potato :) I think they ate it. We'll see if Rowan gets a growth spurt.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy christmas with their family and friends.

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