Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch up time

Ok, maybe I'll get better again. I was afraid that I would be bad at this blogging thing. I'm actually impressed that I've kept it up this far.
These are just some pics of Rowan during bath time and at Chuck E. Cheese's

Since my last blog, Mom and I took Rowan to see Thomas the Tank Engine. It was a lot of fun and Rowan got some pictures in front of Thomas. We rode Thomas for a half hour train ride. I'm sure he had no idea what was going on, but the pictures are cute. There was a petting zoo with miniature horses. He thought they were cool. He also got a "tattoo" of Percy the engine on his arm. For a few days he would point to it when you asked where his tattoo was.

It rained one afternoon, and since I didn't let him play in the mud the day we took him to Chuck E. Cheeses, I figured he needed to play in the mud. He had a great time.
Oma took him to the military base one day and they had a fire prevention day and gave him a hat. He doesn't like hats too much, so he's not very happy with it on, but he looks cute anyway.
We took him to a pumpkin patch for "picture day" He liked all the pumpkins and really liked pulling off the price stickers. I guess pumpkins aren't supposed to have stickers on them. I figured he should have the experience of carving a pumpkin. I cut open the pumpkins and let him "help" me clean them out. He wasn't enthused about the slimy stuff in the pumpkins, but he liked the idea of the spoon in the pumpkin.

Then we had Halloween. Rowan was dressed as a cow, a costume that Oma and Opa had bought him for this year when he was only 2 weeks old. He didn't seem to mind the outfit, but he wasn't too sure about Mommy being dressed as a farmer. He got to go trick or treating with his cousin's and seemed to get the idea of going up to the door, but would turn right around and head out again. He didn't know that he was supposed to wait for candy. He had no fear of any of the costumes that night, I guess he just figured everyone was being weird, so whatever:)

The next week, Rowan and I flew home to see Eric. Rowan was very glad to see his Daddy. He follows him everywhere and cries when he goes out a door. They have a lot of fun together. Which is a good thing. Eric has missed Rowan and me so much this last 4 months. He can't do anything about me being gone, but he asked to keep Rowan this last bit of my contract. I think they'll have a great time getting to know each other better. My contract is up the end of December, so it'll be about 7 weeks of them being alone together, and me just being alone. I just left them yesterday about 10:30am. I already feel lonely.
Of course, no sooner do I leave than Rowan gets sick. He started early this morning throwing up and crying all night long. Eric took him to urgent care and he has "the bug that's going around". As Eric says, there's always a bug going around. He's supposed to be on pedialyte and water for a day or two. Of course, the baby didn't get the memo that food will just upset his stomach, so he's cranky from being tired, sick and now hungry. Eric's doing great. I guess if they make it through this, they'll make for the 7 weeks.
I'll try to update again with how the monkey is doing with "the bug"

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