Saturday, September 1, 2007

First Birthday pictures

Here are pictures from Rowan's birthday party. Here he is dressed for the "Train" party. Everyone kept asking if he likes trains. I said "well, I found train stuff at the party place, so yes, he likes trains" :) He looked so cute in his conductor outfit that Oma found. He didn't like the hat very much.

He really hates to wear hats most of the time.

Here is the cake that we made. It took me all day to bake and ice this baby. Whew!! I had so much fun though! I thought it came out pretty good for my first attempt at using piped icing. This is Rowan with cake and icing all over. Oma finally got the icing in his hair with "Rowan, where's your head?" That brought his hand right to the top of his head. :) She's been working on that all summer. All that hard work finally paid off.

I found the trick to keeping a hat on. You must first fill both hands with something to keep him occupied. Then he looks really cute. I wish we had thought of that before the cake. I had to remove the outfit. It looked as if he had been attacked by a birthday cake. He kept signing "please" for more cake. He was on a sugar high for another hour after the cake :)

I want to thank all the people who came to his party and brought such wonderful gifts. He definitely will not want for anything if this is the show of love and support that he has. Thank you again everyone for making his first birthday so much fun for us.


Karen said...

Thanks so much for the blanket! It must have taken you forever! The boys love the hats/whistles... oh yeah "thanks" for those whistles;)

Anonymous said...

This kid will be 2 years old before we see more pictures. Its Rhonda