Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation time

Rowan and I had so much fun while we were in Boise. At the zoo, Rowan actually saw and watched some of the animals. He really enjoyed the penguins. He also rode his first carousel. He wasn't so sure about that at first, but then started to get into it. After the zoo, there was a Soul Food Extravaganza in the same area as the zoo. Rowan apparently likes jumbalaya, red beans and rice and cajun chicken.

The big news is that Rowan is really walking now. He does so good. He can change direction, stop and start again and even pick something up off the floor without falling over. It's amazing how quickly he picked it up. It really seemed as if he was just waiting to see his daddy before he took off with the walking bit.

We got back to Dallas without much drama at the airports. Both flights were delayed, there was no running between gates, and it took forever to get the luggage off the plane. But Rowan was a trooper and everyone on the planes was very nice to us and let him get away with all kinds of stuff. They all think he's just the cutest thing in the world. I totally agree, of course, but I'm really glad that he doesn't really understand that yet. His head would be so huge!!

It has been so hot here in Texas. The temps are up to 100, but the heat index is something like 103. It always seems like a good idea to stay inside. We did get the pool out and Rowan got in the pool. He wasn't so sure about it, he didn't want to sit down. But today he sat down and splashed and splashed and giggled. He had a good time.

This past weekend my cousin, Mike, had a big backyard bar-b-que. There was a large mostly empty swimming pool. All the younger cousins were splashing around all over and getting rough. Rowan was fascinated. He watched for a long time. This picture is him with Brooke, a cousin. We all had a great time.

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