Sunday, July 22, 2007

One really crappy week

I had a really tough three days at work this week. I had several difficult patients all three days. Thank goodness for the two or three really nice patients that made up for the difficult ones. Friday was so busy and a couple of patients kept me running. It seemed that as soon as you sent one patient home, another one was waiting in the hall while the room was being cleaned. I spent a lot of time with some patients who felt that we should have better food, a bigger room, a nicer nurse, and "what's all the noise about" why can't you shut that thing off? Why do I have to be here? When can I smoke a cigarette? I don't have to put up with that!" People who don't want to do what the doctor ordered, but want to get everything that they want NOW!

I usually don't have too much trouble with these types of people. I found that if you can let them have some choices, they start to feel like they have some control over this horrible thing that has happened. But with three or four of these, for three days in a row, I really had reached the end of my rope by 7pm tonight.

Then to cap it all off, I was walking out of the hospital to the car. I go past the emergency department to the parking lot. There was a family and one person was crying very loudly with the kind of cry you only connect with someone who's had a great loss. I've been close to tears all day and that just ended my day very badly.

Thank goodness that when I come home, Rowan has a great big smile for me. It doesn't quite make the day dissappear, but I can laugh with him for an hour before he goes to bed. He's very much into making things with wheels move around. He loves to push cars and trucks all over the floor.
Here's a picture of him eating an m&m. He got the blue all over his face :) Also, you can see some of the impetigo on his nose and ear. That has all cleared up now. He just has a little bit of redness that shows up when he's excited or hot.
I hope I didn't depress anyone too much. I just needed to vent a little to a whole bunch of people. I hope everyone else has a good week.

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Christine said...

Awwww... I'm so sorry sweetie! I'll call you later. Keep your chin up and enjoy your days off!