Friday, July 13, 2007


We were all over at my Aunt and Uncle's house last night. My cousin Mary Beth was playing with Rowan and she had him standing and facing toward the dog and me. He was taking a few steps with her help and then she let him go and he took two steps all on his own!! He did it again tonight. I never thought I could be so proud of a couple of steps :)
I'm sure in a couple of weeks, I'll be saying I wish he was crawling again. It was just such a surprise after watching him stand there and think about it, but decide that he'd rather crawl.
Also, the impetigo looks so much better now. At least he doesn't look like a leper anymore. He just has a small sore on his nose left. Now I can take him out and not worry that everyone is gonna ask what's wrong with him. Whew!
Oh yeah, and he's now found his voice. He has become very loud, and he loves to tell you all about his day. When Mom and Dad were first taking him to church with them, everyone commented on how quiet he was. Not so anymore. It's a challange now to keep him in his "inside voice" :) I think it's pretty cute how he tells me about what he's doing.

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Christine said...

He could be in the nursery? Hope you had a good day