Monday, May 21, 2007

We're Standing!!

So last week, Rowan was in the bathroom with me and I was looking the other way. I happened to look down at him and he had pulled himself up beside the tub!! As far as I know, that was the first time he had stood up on his own. I finally got some pictures of him doing it. He's so mobile now it's crazy. He knows when he's not supposed to get into something, cuz I say something to him and he looks at me and grins "I'm too cute to be in trouble" He and Kayleigh are great at finding things to get into.

Also, he's eating better. Of course, I can only rely on him eating fruit without protest. He denies the need for vegetables of any kind, except for sweet potatoes. I have found that a half spoon of veggies and a half spoon of fruit goes down, but eventually he figures it out and turns his head to it all until he's absolutely sure there are NO veggies in that spoonful. I suppose he'll learn to like vegetables at some point.

He's having some trouble sleeping at this time too. He wakes up about 4:30 am almost every day. I try to ignore him and wait until at least 6 am. It's hard though, cuz his room is right next to mine. He did better today, he waited until 5:15 am!! Still not even close to when I want to get up :) I guess I'll have to kiss sleeping in bye-bye for a while.

With all his fussiness and not sleeping and not eating, I keep thinking (and everyone tells me) that he's probably teething. Well, I've been thinking that for 2 and a half months, but still no teeth. I guess he's just that way. Any other suggestions?

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