Friday, April 27, 2007

Where did the time go?

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. Oops. Time just got out of hand there for a little while. Rowan and I took a trip to see my parents in Texas last week. We were there for 10 days. We just got back on Wednesday. We had a great time. Oma and Opa spent a lot of time with Rowan (I was able to get lots of naps!) Uncle Jude was great with the monkey. Rowan thinks he's pretty funny.

When it comes to projects, Mom and I found out that we've been over enthusiastic with buying material for scrub tops for me. Both of us see material on sale and buy it. So we had a collection of 18 pieces of material for 18 scrub tops. Oops again! I told Mom that since I can't sew, I would cut the patterns out while she sewed them together. We were pretty industrious and I cut out 10 tops and one pair of pants. Mom was able to sew together 5 tops for me before I came home. She's getting ready to go to Delaware and visit a bunch of sisters and brothers for a week. I hope she has fun catching up on all the gossip :)

Just before we left, Rowan had started to crawl. By the time we got home, he's been out of control. He's everywhere now. On one hand, it's so fun to see him able to explore his environment so much more. He really loves to be on the ground and moving now. On the other hand, I really have to keep an eye on him at all times now, cuz he's into everything. Whew!! That's more work. He's so funny. He still is a lazy susan sometimes, especially when he hears me say "what are you getting into?" Then he spins around looking for me to see if he's in trouble :)

Also, I went out to ride the horses, Gus and Maggie. I was riding Gus, when Maggie sat back and broke her lead rope, so Dad spent the rest of the time we were out exercising her and working off all that excess energy. So that was fun and I decided a day or two later to ride again. Dad and I went out together and we were grooming the horses, when Maggie decided she didn't want her feet cleaned, so I was helping when she slammed her hoof down on my foot. So we got her taken care of and I went to get on Gus and the bucket went out from under me and I scraped my other leg on the bucket. Now I'm bruised up all over.

Then, on Tuesday, Mom and Dad drove us to the airport in Dallas, (two hours away from Longview) and we found out that my flight was delayed for an hour and a half. That was ok, I checked in and Mom and Dad started home. Then my flight was delayed another two hours. Now I'm getting concerned. So I go stand in line. Just as I get to the front, my flight is cancelled. They say I can get to Denver, but not home to Boise tonight. I decided to try and stay in Dallas, cuz it would be easier there than Denver. I called Shannon (a cousin who lives very close to the airport) and she was able to rescue Rowan and me. We scheduled a new flight for 7:40 am (YUK!). That one was on time, but the connecting flight was an hour late. So, nearly 24 hours after we start our travelling, we are back home.

Now, I have a nagging cough from being on a plane (aka: flying viral factory) and Rowan's sleep schedule is off and he's not sleeping through the night. Nor is he eating either. He usually eats about 6 bottles a day, plus solid foods. Now he's just eating maybe 2 bottles and some solid food. He's pretty fussy and I don't know if he's sick or tired or both. But he's gonna run Eric ragged this weekend while I'm at work. I just don't know what to do. I tried ibuprofen but it didn't help. Any suggestions anyone?

Well, this blog is so long, sorry. I really should have kept it up more, but it just seemed like too much to do at the time. Now that I'm all caught up, I'll do better! ;)

Also, Rowan's site is updated

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Karen said...

If he's getting teeth... good luck! My boys always do better with tylenol than ibprohen (or however you spell that) I also alternate both so that a least for two days they are "one something" It seems to help! Wyatt is "scooting" everywhere! He's getting the hang of rolling over - and when he doesn't Hayden helps him!