Sunday, April 8, 2007


Rowan has finally achieved forward motion. He's been able to get up on his knees lately, but didn't do anything but stay there and then fall down (usually farther away from his goal than when he started) But yesterday we all noticed that he was bouncing back and forth on his knees. And today he really was moving his knees independently and moving forward. He's so happy, he's spending much more time on his stomach now. For the past week or two he's been wanting to sit up, when he would fall over he would cry because he didn't want to be on his stomach.

He finished his antibiotics for his ear infection last Tuesday. While he was on the antibiotics, he hasn't been eating solid foods very well. I thought he might be showing a picky eaters' personality, but it seems that the antibiotics were either upsetting his stomach or making everything taste funny. He's now eating very well again. He ate apples today, he makes funny faces and isn't too sure that people should really eat apples, but he works up to it. Also, today he's making raspberries with us. He had a good day today, except for the waking up at 5 am. UGH!! I wish I had some way of letting him know that really, 5 am is much too early to start the day. Even 6 would be acceptable at this point. And of course I still can't break my habit of staying up late. Although, my late night is now only 10:30 or at the very latest 11:30 instead of 12 or 1 am.

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Karen said...

OK Post again already! I love seeing the pictures of your babie(s)! love ya!