Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, so I get home for a wonderful three weeks off and decide that I need to get my teeth looked at. We have good dental insurance right now and I think that one of my old fillings is cracked. So, I go in and sure enough the filling is cracked. The bad news is that there is a huge cavity under that filling and another tooth also has a huge cavity. I'm told that they might need root canals. UGH! I make an appointment for the first huge filling, the cracked one. He drills that one out and says it's possible it could be ok as just a filling (about 30% chance it'll be ok) and starts on the second huge one. That one has dead nerve exposed when he's done drilling and definitely needs a root canal, but he doesn't have time to do it that day. So, he puts a temporary filling in and I make an appointment for the next week. I'm told that if the first filling is going to fail, I'll know by the excruciating tooth ache that I will get when it goes bad. Wonderful. They give me an emergency number to call in case I need prescription pain meds. Double wonderful.
Well, over the weekend, I'm sore but Ibuprofen takes care of the pain. I show up for my appointment today and we decide to give the first filling more time. In the mean time, I get the first root canal done. Not as painful as I have been lead to believe, there was only one point that I jumped out of the chair. Now, I have another appointment for next week for another filling or root canal, whichever comes first. Yuck! Just exactly how I want to spend my vacation home.
On the Rowan front, he has been "wrapping" presents for me. He takes a drawing of his and wraps it around a toy and gives it to me. "Here is a present for you, Mommy" Isn't he cute :) He also tries to scare his own hiccups away. It's pretty funny. Here's a video of it.

Anyway, that's my first two weeks of my vacation so far.

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Kaleb said...

I remember when I got a root canal. I was 14 or 15 I believe...maybe younger. I don't know. All I remember was the horrible pain with it. The only thing that helped was drinking cold water, so, in two days time, I drank roughly 12 gallons of water, 6 gallons each day. I hope you don't experience that like I did. What I do remember from the root canal was seeing him with a very large drill in his hand taking it towards my mouth. Pain wise, it didn't hurt that bad; I could just feel the pressure of the drilling and inserting the plastic wedge.