Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here I am

Well, here I am, in Tucson, Arizona. I just started a contract here at a small teaching hospital. I'll be working here until the middle of March. I left Eric and Rowan to deal with the cold and the snow back in Idaho. Here's a picture of our new horse, Georgie (or as Rowan calls her, Curious George Horsie, Hahahaha) and Hoss, our goat guardian out in the 5 inches of snow. I have oriented to this new hospital and start working on my own tomorrow. Since Eric, Rowan and I have already celebrated our christmas, and I'm alone here, I volunteered to work Xmas eve and Christmas so that someone else could spend time with their family.
Eric is working with weather that is below freezing all day long and he just got 5 inches of snow yesterday. Rowan loves it and you can see him playing in the snow on his site. There is a link to his page on the right side of my blog, if you haven't found that yet :)
I have a new rooommate here in Tucson. She's very nice and we are getting along pretty well. I like going new places and having a chance to meet new people. I just wish I could do it and take Eric and Rowan with me :) Don't know how that would work, and I really love the fact that my son is growing up on a farm. He'll have lots of room to grow and things to learn.

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Kelly said...

Why would you want to leave all that snow??!!!!! It's wonderful!! I'm so jealous!! Hope you had a great Christmas!!