Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home at last!

I've been home for four days now. When they met me at the airport, Rowan ran to me gave me a hug, then said "Let's go, let's go, that way, that way" No kiss, not much more than "hi Mommy" He's such a active boy, not much of a cuddly one. He never has been. But he loves the animals and being on the farm.
Wow! Its amazing how much Rowan changes in just a few weeks. He's speaking in sentences now "No watch Daddy's show!" and runs around and plays by himself so much better. Its so hot here now, that he doesn't want to play outside very much. So there are lots of indoor activities. Ever since he watched the olympic trials, he loves to say "three, two, one.... Go!" and run around the house. Another favorite game is playing night night. He puts his head down, says night night and snores. Then he yells "wake up!!" and bounces up, laughing.
We opened his birthday presents early, since I won't be here for his birthday. He loves the playmobile farm that Daddy found for him. He pretends to water the carrots and drinks the milk and says "mmm, good milk, Mommy". We'll go get a great outside toy for him with the money that ousins Nathan and Nicholas sent for him. He loved the chocolate cake and ice cream that we had for his birthday. It was all over his face and chair by the end.

We went to the Payette county fair yesterday and he loved seeing all the farm animals. He petted some rabbits for the first time, I think. And he was the hit of the food venders. He was able to make any animal sound that they could think of. He was not stumped. It was pretty hot though and we only stayed until lunch time. Rowan didn't want to leave. He was crying all the way to the car. While we were there, we saw all the people we've bought goats from. Yesterday was the day of the goat shows, so everyone was there looking at how their goats had done.
I'm not putting any photos up just yet. I'm trying for something new. Pictures coming soon, promise.
Also, I'm getting ready for my new travel assignment back in Albuquerque. I'll be working at UNM Hospital where I started my nursing career. I'm looking forward to some of the things I've missed, like green chile!

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