Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The only day off

So yesterday, Rowan went to the doctor's. He weighs 17 lbs even and is just over 25 inches long. According to the charts, he's 100% average, right at the 50% for height, weight, head size and length. What else do you expect from a kid born to two average height parents :) Of course, he will be brilliant to make up for the averageness in everything else. Actually, we were thinking he was a little slow in the development area. By 5 months he hadn't rolled over, or said any word sounds or responded to his name. But last week he started rolling over every where, we have to watch him close now, and he said "bababa, dadadada," and even started blowing bubbles and giving us the occasional Bronx cheer. It seems he wants to save things up and learn to do things all at once. Who knew?

So today Christine and I sat around with the kids and watched two weeks worth of Grey's Anatomy and ER. I hate to get behind more than one week, otherwise it's easier to just wait for reruns. Tomorrow, Kayleigh has an appointment for her 1 year visit. So I guess we both are going in to get some shopping done and just hang out in town. Of course I just found this out, so now all the laundry I was gonna do tomorrow is not going to get done I guess. Hmm. nothing new. I suppose I should try to get some done tonight, and some done tomorrow, maybe that will get it all.

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